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FishSTAR is founded by 2 industry professionals; Andy Sutton (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Sutton) is a 15 year elite professional athlete and Jay Garstecki is an icon in the fishing industry. Andy has used every possible technology to manage moisture and increase performance and Jay is at the forefront of the fishing industry as a retail owner and leader of both Take a Vet Fishing (http://takeavetfishing.org)  and Operation Fishing Freedom (https://operationfishingfreedom.com).


FishSTAR is inspired by a shared love of both fishing and a love for camo and country. Our proprietary and diversely unique patterns are a direct reflection of the environments we have fished in since we were kids and we have aligned these patterns with exclusive technologies and a 30 year manufacturing partner specializing in advanced moisture management. FishSTAR patterns and materials allow you to take your love of fishing into any setting while also allowing you to dive deeper into the unique habitats where you chase the big one.


FishSTAR patterns are as unique as the people who use them and we are proudly the only company dedicated to the artistry of camouflage and more specifically, fishing based camouflage. We donate a percentage of every sale to the US Veterans that have given us the freedoms to allow us to fish this amazing country with our sons and daughters.

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